Saturday, November 24, 2012

Computer Repair Tips

If you have the damage computer ini your home or office, here are steps to preparatory to repair the problems. Should not call a computer technician,  but try to do it yourself. Follow this steps.

1. Preparation Steps

Computer repair preparatory step is very important to success,  If the preparation step is not done properly it can cause irregularities on the next step which is the remedy, therefore needed adequate preparation for the repair of computer equipment.

You must anlyzing the initial damage for the firs time, after analyzing the initial damage, preparation of equipment for repairs such as setting up a screwdriver, pliers, program data storage media, cleaning fluid maybe u will need.

2. Step ro repair

Use the screwdriver to open the fastener case bolt. In the case, see on-chip memory, please open the locking clip on both side of the memory. open the memory pieces and clean the parts plugged into the motherboard, you can use alcohol cleaning fluid.

dismantle all components such as vga card sound card from its installed, clean as well as you do to clean up memory.

When done cleaning, re-plug all the devices you have in place clear of each, anda then turn the computer on.

Do this step if your computer do not start, the power lad is on but no display on screen.

Hope this step ca help you to sove your computer problem.