Sunday, July 31, 2011

seo contes indonesia

Seo contes Indonesia terbaru dari oli top 1 yang saat ini merupakan oli terbaik di indonesia karena menggunakan bahan dasar sintetis sehingga mampu menjaga mesin kendaraan tetap awet dab berumur lebih panjang.

 Kontes SEO Top 1 oli sintetik mobil-motor indonesia ini sudah dimulai sejak tanggal 26 Juli 2011 dan akan berlangsung selama 3 bulan sampai dengan tanggal 30 Oktober 2011.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Info Kontes SEO Terbaru 2011

Info kontes SEO terbaru ini diadakan oleh dimana periode kontesnya dimulai nanti pada tanggal 14 Maret 2011 dan berakhir pada 14 Juni 2011 dan pengumuman pemenang dilakukan pada tanggal 17 Juni 2011 dengan total hadiah Rp. 15.000.000.

Berikut ini syarat-syarat untuk mengikuti kontes SEO :

Peraturan SEO Game

   1. Tanggal dimulainya SEO Game adalah 14 Maret 2011 (Jam 12:00 wib).
   2. Tanggal berakhirnya SEO Game adalah 14 Juni 2011 (Jam 12:00 wib).
   3. Pengumuman tgl. 17 Juni 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Computer Hardware Components

Before you can jump into any discussion about personal computers, you have to speak the language. You can't talk intelligently about anything if you don't know what you're talking about. You need to know the basic terms and buzzwords so you don't fall under some charlatan's spell.

Every PC is built from an array of components, each of which serves a specific function in making the overall machine work. As with the world of physical reality, a PC is built from fundamental elements combined together. Each of these elements adds a necessary quality or feature to the final PC. These building blocks are hardware components, built of electronic circuits and mechanical parts to carry out a defined function. Although all of the components work together, they are best understood by examining them and their functions individually. Consequently this book is divided into sections and chapters by component.

Over the years of the development of the PC, the distinctions between many of these components have turned out not to be hard and fast. In the early days of PCs, most manufacturers followed the same basic game plan using the same components in the same arrangement, but today greater creativity and diversity rules. What once were separate components have merged together; others have been separated out. Their functions, however, remain untouched. For example, although modern PCs may lack the separate timer chips of early machines, the function of the timer has been incorporated into the support circuitry chipsets.